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It's all about traffic.

So you've put up the killer site of the decade and now, two months later, you're sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs, still waiting for the world to notice. "What happened?" you ask yourself.

No traffic equals no sales.

The highest quality free traffic comes from the search engines and directories. Every search engine is unique. They change their search algorithms and ranking criteria constantly in an effort to be more effective and to weed out the spammers. According to the Inktomi Corporation, there are over 1 BILLION pages now on the web. How will anyone ever find yours?

Search engine optimization is the answer.

Yes, we can design a terrific website for you. It will load fast, be easy to navigate, look great and have plenty of useful content that will serve your customers. But more importantly, we will build search engine optimization into the structure of the site right from the ground up, beginning with the domain name.

Whether you are an experienced webmaster with a terrific website or a total newbie who wants to bring your brick and mortar business into the online world for the first time, the Acadian Web Design Team has the skills, experience and resources to develop a complete internet marketing solution custom-tailored for the specific needs of your internet business.

The Acadian Advantage

In addition to our web design and search engine optimization capabilities, our partners have developed a sophisticated, proprietary technology for creating valuable strategic links to your website. These links will raise your search engine ranking by increasing your link popularity and will deliver highly targeted, pre-qualified traffic to your site. This technology is but one of a unique constellation of online marketing tools we use that will give your business the competitive edge in the search engines.

Acadian Web Design Works

We can and will produce measurable results for you and for your customers. Remember, traffic equals sales. Your customers have to find you before they can buy your products or services.

We never sell, rent, or trade our client's personal data.

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