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Why Acadian Web Design

I know I am supposed to be selling our web design services here but I'm going off topic for a bit. I want to share a personal passion with you.

Twice in my life, I have been the very first person in the entire continental United States to see the sunrise. It's a fact and I am certain of it.

Ok, so it's not in the same league as climbing Mt. Everest but it gives me a secret grin every time I think of it. You see, the summit of Cadillac Mountain is the first place in America where the sun touches on it's journey east to west, every day of the year. And if you are there by yourself, you are the very first witness to a brand new day. Now I think that's pretty nifty. So where is Cadillac Mountain, you ask? It's on Mt. Desert Island, on the rock-bound, evergreen coast of Maine, in Acadia National Park.

Of course, there's more to the story. My grandmother (her maiden name was Dube) told me the tale as she heard it, passed down from her grandmother and so on back through the centuries. A hundred years of peace and bountiful living in the rich and beautiful Acadia, then came the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 when the British acquired the region from France, and finally, the devil Governor Lawrence, with his Confiscation and Deportation, evicting the Acadians out of the Maritime Provinces and eastern Maine, knocking them from pillar to post, splitting families apart and wreaking havoc with the culture. 1755 was not a good year to be an Acadian.

My ancestors were among the fortunate few in Maine to escape, hiding with the Micmac Indians until the trouble settled out and the war was over. And now, 350 years after my family's beginning in the new world, things have changed yet again. Although I no longer speak or understand my childhood French, other descendants of the original Acadians are rediscovering their heritage throughout eastern Canada and Maine. There is a resurgence of interest in Acadian culture and history that stretches all the way to Cajun country in Louisiana. And then there's Acadia National Park.

It's my favorite magical place.

I have seen a peregrine falcon take a pintail duck, stooping at high speed from behind, sliding under the duck and rolling over on her back so her talons clutch the duck from beneath.

I have watched harbor seals fishing in the moonlight off Otter Point on their way from here to there and seen their prey leave phosphor trails sparkling like scattered galaxies underwater in their wake as their frantic movements disturbed bio-luminescent plankton.

I have sat on the rocks after a personal tragedy, listening to waves rumble on the dark stone coast, breathing the sharp salt tang of ocean wind and for a moment, caught between stone and sea and sky, felt myself lifted out of grief into timelessness, surrender and acceptance.

I have travelled the world over, lived in Europe, India, Africa, Japan, spent twelve years as a technogeek in the heart of Silicon Valley and at the end of it, I still came back to Maine. For me, there's no place on the planet quite like it. It's my home.

If you ever come to Maine, visit Acadia National Park. If you see me, say hi. I'm the guy with the funny hat, sitting on a rock at the top of Cadillac Mountain, waiting for sunrise. Have a seat. We can both be first.

Meet my little brother Sam.

We never sell, rent, or trade our client's personal data.

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