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Acadian Web Design Clients

We have chosen several of our clients, with their permission, as examples of our work. We ask that you consider Acadian Web Design itself as an additional example. These sites are extremely different in style, size and intended market. For those reasons, we believe they represent the wide scope of our capabilities.

Although every site is unique unto itself, there are many characteristics of web design that should be common to every site. Ease of navigation, small graphic file size, fast loading pages, multi-browser compatibility, and site-wide optimization are just a few elements of quality design that we address for every client.

See for yourself.

Connection Parenting - Pam Leo is arguably the most important parenting educator on the planet. She has developed the most comprehensive and elegant parenting philosophy we have ever encountered and her methods actually work in real life.

Tole Expressions is a private business and educational resource owned and operated by a gifted decorative artist.

Birdsong Studio is an artist's space in central Maine where interested students can learn to make paper and books by hand.

The Pet Care Network of Silicon Valley is a small non-profit association of professional pet care providers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Webmaster Resources, Keyword Density Analyser and WebZen are all owned by the same company. The goal requested for these sites was to give them each a unique identity while, at the same time, making them visually connected and recognizable as a family of sites with products, services and tools for webmasters. These are simple, utilitarian designs that support sophisticated database and scripting applications.

If you wish to read a more in-depth explanation of our design philosophy, visit our web design page.

We never sell, rent, or trade our client's personal data.

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